Our 45 minute multi-round workouts incorporate a wide variety of functional strength and cardio exercises combined with some of the best non-contact boxing/kickboxing drills to deliver a fast paced, fun and effective personalised workout in a group environment for anyone wanting to rapidly improve their strength, fitness and body composition.

You will notice that we don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our daily workouts, but rather science and a proven methodology that varies the round duration and rest periods in line with what is optimal to achieve the best outcome for the daily goal of; improving functional strength (STRONG), reducing body fat, improving cardio capacity, increasing lean muscle (SHRED) and muscle toning and balance (SCULPT).

Our coaches are qualified and experienced fitness instructors and accomplished athletes providing all the expertise, support and guidance you need to achieve your fitness goals. CLICK HERE to view our session schedule.

Workouts Focus on Your Fitness Goals:


“I want to reduce my body fat while increasing lean muscle”
We achieve this by emphasising high intensity, high heart rate training combined with moderate repetition resistance training that ensures your body will burn the maximum calories (up to 1000!) both during and after exercise!


“I want to give some extra attention to certain parts of my body in addition to improving my muscle balance and core strength”
You can expect to see improved tone, shape and strength to areas like your arms, butt, thighs and stomach. Over time these sessions will also help correct muscle imbalances that can lead to injury and pain due to poor posture.


“I want to improve my strength”
These sessions incorporate lower repetition exercises that emphasise using major muscle groups to improve functional strength and power. Other key benefits of strength work are improvements to bone health and better protection from injury to your joints!


There is a good reason that combat athletes like boxers and kick boxers generally are lean, mean, machines with excellent strength, endurance and fitness. The reason has a lot to do with how they train and prepare for competition.
Blackie’s bootcamp has merged the best of functional bootcamp training with the cardio, toning and stamina benefits of kickboxing bag and pad drills to deliver an awesome 50 minute varied workout that will keep you motivated, engaged and seeing rapid improvements to your fitness and body composition.
These workouts are all instructor led, where you will punch bags, not people using basic striking drills incorporated into the workout.

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