The 28 Day REBOOT Intro Offer is an opportunity to check out our awesome facility while making a fresh start and some significant improvements to your health and fitness. You will be surprised at what can be achieved in 28 days with the support, accountability and motivating workouts we provide!

Ready to REBOOT your health and fitness? CLICK HERE

Claim one of the 30 only spots, start anytime during January and get:

  • 50% off our regular weekly rates, $198 down to $99
  • Unlimited access to all SHRED, SCULPT & STRONG BOOTCAMP sessions.
  • Super easy, great tasting meal plans designed to get your body into a fat burning, muscle building state.
  • Customised grocery list that will save you time and money.
  • All the support (and accountability) you need to keep you on track.
  • Free gym programs taking the guesswork (and risk) out of working out.
  • Access to our Fitness Reboot Facebook group with heaps of additional tools, resources and support to help you get the most out of your 28 Day Reboot.
  • Regular medical grade body composition scans to ensure you are making reasonable progress.

Ready to REBOOT your health and fitness? CLICK HERE

If you workout regularly, stick to the meal plan most of the time, stop or significantly reduce drinking alcohol for the 28 days you can expect to:

✔ Reduce your body fat and increase your muscle mass,
✔ Develop a more athletic shape
✔ Improve your capacity to do every day things like lift heavy objects, swing your kids around and leap tall buildings!
✔ Achieve a healthier will be surprised what you can achieve in 28 days if you put in the effort!
✔ Play sport, run after the kids, go hiking etc without feeling so exhausted.
✔ Enjoy better sleep and wake up with more energy!
..and after every workout feel the wonderful sensation of the happiness producing endorphins flooding your bloodstream giving you a much more positive outlook 🙂

Ready to REBOOT your health and fitness? CLICK HERE