In order to comply with mandatory COVID-19 trace and track requirements all participants must check-in on arrival.

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Blackie’s MY ROUND replicates the physical demands of what a professional boxer, kickboxer or mixed martial artist might experience when competing by using a constantly varied range of striking, strength and conditioning 3 to 5 minute rounds across our purpose built striking and strength stations.

A new 30 minute circuit starts every 3 minutes combining non-contact striking, strength and conditioning rounds, so no need to book in, just turn up during MY ROUND operating hours and check in.

  • No set class times, show up on your schedule with a new coached round every 3 minutes.
  • Myzone heart rate technology used to maximise your calorie and fat burn.
  • Experienced coach to keep you motivated and on point.
  • Varied circuits that combine non-contact striking, cardio and resistance training into a full body workout!
  • Train like the professionals do and get all the fitness and body composition benefits without ever getting hit!


On arrival, your instructor will greet you and get you warmed up. You then start your first round. Each 3 minute round is made up from our ever changing array of striking and fitness drills.

It will take you 30 minutes to complete a circuit and you will be guided throughout the whole process. Be prepared to sweat as you will burn a heap of calories during our fast, fun and varied workouts that will keep you motivated and engaged.


Monday – Thursday
5.30am to 10am, 4pm to 7.00pm

6am to 10am

7am to 10am



Just wear whatever active sports wear you are comfortable in, and don’t forget to wear enclosed footwear (no plugga’s allowed!)

You will need to bring your own gloves, or if you purchased a strike pack, you will have received a pair of gloves along with your myzone heart rate strap. We do have some sanitised gloves available for loan for those who are trying out the class.

You will also want to bring a filled drink bottle and a (mandatory) towel. We have water and sports drinks available for purchase from our Coffee & Juice bar.

Here are a few examples of the hybrid gloves that allow you to strike bags and pads with a supported wrist and hand, while also enabling you to carry out various exercises without the need to remove your gloves.